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Wiring Up Again So Far

Not a pretty sight I know but the final product will look much cleaner.  I have deliberately left the wires long so I can experiment with the position and orientation of objects. Next I will add some old output transistors … Continue reading

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Relay Board Layout

Speaking of documentation, here is the layout for the relay board.  I know you won’t be able to see much at this size but it gives an idea of what documentation I am talking about. Using this image I can … Continue reading

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PSU Control Board Wiring

Most of the wiring for these boards has now been made.  The only wires not attached are the ones going to the batteries and the ones that will connect power to the amplifiers. The positioning of the relays is now … Continue reading

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Power Supply Connections

I’m using the same wire for the supply connections as used for signal.  I always think of power supply lines as signal lines, they just happen to be carrying large signal currents as opposed to smaller ones. The wire is … Continue reading

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