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DXF v SVG files – What he said!

I had problems with exporting files so the cutter company can understand them and they are accurate.  The reason behind it is me using the free, open source software Inkpad (and my lack of knowledge in this area).  It’s a good … Continue reading

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Kicad PCB Software 3rd Attempt

I’m finally starting to get to grips with this Kicad software. The first attempt output nothing but errors. For the second attempt I used someone else’s files, having re-written the schematic to suit my circuit. But there were footprints missing and … Continue reading

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EDA Software (Electronic Design Automation)

I’m just going through “PCB Design Tutorial” by David L. Jones. This is a generic tutorial so does works for all EDA software. I think it best to get an over-view first.

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To PCB or not to PCB – that is the question (now answered)

Again the board has ‘blown up’. All worked well a couple of days ago but I was working on one channel yesterday and noticed smoke coming from the other! I can’t see what has gone wrong but obviously something has … Continue reading

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