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Populating the PCB

The printed circuit board is now being populated.  As you can see I am having to pillage previous versions for parts to keep the cost down; there are some very expensive parts to be bought yet. It feels so good … Continue reading

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Lorlin Plastic Switches

I really do not like using metal switches for HiFi. Electric currents (including small signals) produce magnetic fields in surrounding metalwork. Even aluminium produces some bizzare effects when a magnetic field is introduced to it – look into this on … Continue reading

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New PreAmp boards V2 Constructed

These are the new PreAmp boards using Vero to keep everything in place. The components are soldered very close to each other, much closer than you can get using a pcb. This gives greater control over the signal, less parasitics, … Continue reading

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To rebuild the PreAmp or not to rebuild the PreAmp, that is the question.

In working out the earthing, I can see ways to improve the PreAmp topology to incorporate the earthing. My eye keeps wandering to the spare piece of Vero board on the PowerAmp that would be just the right size for … Continue reading

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