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PCB Tested and Working

Amplifier PCB tested and working. Continue reading

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Populating the PCB

The printed circuit board is now being populated.  As you can see I am having to pillage previous versions for parts to keep the cost down; there are some very expensive parts to be bought yet. It feels so good … Continue reading

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PCB Arrival from Quick-Teck

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has arrived from Quick-Teck, much quicker than I had anticipated and looking great.  QT have done a fine job, the board looks perfect. It is twice the normal weight copper, 2Oz as opposed to 1Oz.  It … Continue reading

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Battery fixings

Since I am creating Kicad footprints for components I need to know how I am going to mount the output transistors. That means making a decision about which side of the PCB they are soldered to (which side all components … Continue reading

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Kicad PCB Software 3rd Attempt

I’m finally starting to get to grips with this Kicad software. The first attempt output nothing but errors. For the second attempt I used someone else’s files, having re-written the schematic to suit my circuit. But there were footprints missing and … Continue reading

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The Ripple Effect Continues

The schematic for the Amplifier Board, using the application Kicad, is now finished. It’s a complicated collection of applications, one to layout the circuit, another to layout the PCB, another to create the Gerber files – whatever they are, I’m … Continue reading

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KiCad EDA Software on a Mac using OS X

It is a very good piece of software. It has some strange quirks but once you get used to it, there is a lot of powerful stuff going on. Being totally new to it, I spent a while getting comfortable … Continue reading

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