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Pioneer SX-5580 Power Amp Module

Here are some photos of the power amplifier module.  As you can see, it’s big.  But then it would be at 120 watts per channel RMS. This is before cleaning and changing of the electrolytic capacitors.  Given heat, electricity (generating … Continue reading

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Battery fixings

Since I am creating Kicad footprints for components I need to know how I am going to mount the output transistors. That means making a decision about which side of the PCB they are soldered to (which side all components … Continue reading

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Amp Unit Panel Layout

Now the internal topography of the amp unit is fixed (for now?) the positions of the controls and connections have been fixed. The following diagram shows them. Far left is the mains/power knob. On the right, the smaller top one … Continue reading

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Circuit testing

The build has finished for the moment and I am about to start testing the circuitry to make sure I haven’t made any wiring errors. I know it looks a total mess but that is because the wires are a … Continue reading

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