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Portable Stereo HiFi development

The MDF has now been cut by Stalite Signs of Exeter, to produce the Box Construction Jig.  There are one or two problems, basically mistakes I have made and need correcting before I proceed. But that aside, our outside wall … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I’m feeling guilty for not saying anything on this blog for such a long time, so will write something quick now. I took some time off to decorate the sitting room; laying a parquet floor and a vintage looking HiFi … Continue reading

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HighResAudio / MQA Wars Continue on HiFiPlus

HighResAudio are to stop offering MQA encoded files. Here is a link to an article on HiFi Plus: http://hifiplus.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7c2c6adc5d8e2ef6eb0c411f0&id=5a140ac6f2&e=792bccbd1a

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Dry Solder Joints

Some parts in a power amp stage get very hot.  The output transistors of course but also some of the resistors in the output stage.  After years and decades of getting very hot and then cooling and running through this … Continue reading

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Construction Starts

Construction of the first Bluetooth Portable HiFi has started.  I am working on the power supply build. The photos above show the banks of power supply capacitors, one for the positive rail and the other for the negative.  They are … Continue reading

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A Henry Audio DAC is on its way!

Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered a Henry Audio DAC from http://www.henryaudio.com/. The review from HiFi+ can be found here: http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/henry-audio-usb-128-mk-ii-dac/ With so much over-priced snake-oil (or bollocks – to use the english term) on the market, it … Continue reading

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HiFi Amplifier Earthing / Ground

Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s easy. In laying out the Kicad component footprints I have started to look at this area again – the phono socket earth ring, how does that connect to the PCB? There are so … Continue reading

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