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First Order for Portable HiFi!

I now have my first order; for one of my Portable HiFi systems. Many thanks to Frank. For complicated MDF cutting reasons, I will also build my Headphone Amp at the same time. The build of both will be blogged … Continue reading

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Headphone Amplifier Design Nears Completion

The headphone amp design is now complete, all I have left to do is finish adding the dimensions to the drawing.  Then I can input all that information into CAD/CAM to give me ‘.dxf’ files.  The cabinet will be of … Continue reading

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Amp Unit Panel Layout

Now the internal topography of the amp unit is fixed (for now?) the positions of the controls and connections have been fixed. The following diagram shows them. Far left is the mains/power knob. On the right, the smaller top one … Continue reading

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