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Expensive Digital Cables = Baloney, Bunk, Bollocks, Snake Oil…

I have often wondered why companies make very expensive cables for digital signal interconnections. A digital signal, put simply, is a 5V pulse for a ‘1’ digit and 0V for a ‘0’ digit. For modern computers, the data rates are … Continue reading

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HiFi Amplifier Earthing / Ground

Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s easy. In laying out the Kicad component footprints I have started to look at this area again – the phono socket earth ring, how does that connect to the PCB? There are so … Continue reading

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Control Switch Saga

I’ve just noticed that having straightened up the alignment of the Volume and Input Selector knobs, the Input Selector’s connection rod will now run right through the middle of the Amp Board connector. So that’s why I had it over … Continue reading

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