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Raising Finance – Harman Kardon 730 and Pioneer SX-5580

To raise finance for this project (damn money) I have been buying vintage HiFi, fixing them and then selling them on eBay.  At the moment I am working on a Harman Kardon 730 receiver (amp with built in tuner).  Plus … Continue reading

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Quad 405-2 Service and Upgrade

At the moment I am working on a friend’s Quad 405-2.  It has never been serviced and is well over 30 years old.  Electrolytic capacitors have a limited lifetime, mostly 2000 hours, special ones more (the ones I am using … Continue reading

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It all happened in a puff of smoke

I can see why the loud bang and the room full of smoke and white powder. When the left channel blew I simply cut the power leads to it and carried on with the right channel. But that blew also … Continue reading

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Power Amps Finished

Well, mostly.  I haven’t yet added decoupling or linked all the common wires together or connected the output transistors.  But that’s because I do not yet know where things will go so those jobs will come during the ‘Unify’ stage. … Continue reading

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