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Descriptive Name for Boombox / Ghetto Blaster

I need to think of a name for this first unit I’m making.  Ghetto Blaster has racist connotations so I don’t want to go that route even though everyone knows what it is. I’ve trawled the internet to try and … Continue reading

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A Henry Audio DAC is on its way!

Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered a Henry Audio DAC from http://www.henryaudio.com/. The review from HiFi+ can be found here: http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/henry-audio-usb-128-mk-ii-dac/ With so much over-priced snake-oil (or bollocks – to use the english term) on the market, it … Continue reading

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Voltmeter or no Voltmeter

I’m deciding on whether to add a voltmeter to the front panel of the amps. As the battery voltage falls, they will need recharging – how will the listener know they need charging? One way would be to monitor a … Continue reading

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Amp Cabinet Front Layout

I am working on laying out where things go on the front of the amplifier cabinet. What font to use for the legends, where they go, what wording is used. The position of many of the control knobs is set … Continue reading

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Earthing System for Hi-Fi

The earthing for a mains powered Hi-Fi system is pretty straight forward, so long as you keep the signal currents away from the heavy currents placed on the power supplies and don’t introduce any loops etc. The earthing for the … Continue reading

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“… an ambulance is on its way sir…”

The time has come to start wiring up again and I do so with trepidation. I am only human and faintly open to the possibility that I might make a mistake and connect two wires that short out a battery … Continue reading

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Big Bang Theory

Ok, I’ve pilched the title because I like the sitcom – very funny.  But it is relevant.  Whilst connecting the power connections yesterday there was a largish bang and flash as one particular connection was made.  Obviously there will be … Continue reading

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