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Slight Redesign of 10W High End Amplifier

Having found what appears to be a good company to cut my MDF for cabinet making, I now need to redraw my cutting information to suit their needs.  They need the files as PDF (Portable Document Forma). But they also … Continue reading

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Headphone Amplifier Design Nears Completion

The headphone amp design is now complete, all I have left to do is finish adding the dimensions to the drawing.  Then I can input all that information into CAD/CAM to give me ‘.dxf’ files.  The cabinet will be of … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I’m feeling guilty for not saying anything on this blog for such a long time, so will write something quick now. I took some time off to decorate the sitting room; laying a parquet floor and a vintage looking HiFi … Continue reading

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Pioneer SX-5580 Power Amp Module

Here are some photos of the power amplifier module.  As you can see, it’s big.  But then it would be at 120 watts per channel RMS. This is before cleaning and changing of the electrolytic capacitors.  Given heat, electricity (generating … Continue reading

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Pioneer SX-5580 Receiver Refurb

Here is what I’m working on at the moment, a Pioneer SX-5580 monster receiver (amplifier with built in tuner).  As far as I’m aware, it is identical to the SX-1050 but is in black instead of all aluminium. This photo … Continue reading

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Descriptive Name for Boombox / Ghetto Blaster

I need to think of a name for this first unit I’m making.  Ghetto Blaster has racist connotations so I don’t want to go that route even though everyone knows what it is. I’ve trawled the internet to try and … Continue reading

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Portable Music Player / Ghetto Blaster

Work on the Ghetto Blaster (is that the right thing to call it?  doesn’t sound very PC – any ideas on what to call it are welcome) is coming along very well indeed.  I’m not one for making deadlines as … Continue reading

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