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In the meantime, my B&O 3800’s are going up for sale

I’ve started to work on my Bang & Olufsen (B&O) 3800 speakers. The crossovers have had their electrolytic capacitors replaced (and upgraded a bit): The internal cable has been replaced with decent stuff and good quality 4mm banana connectors have … Continue reading

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Basic Media Amp and Speakers Idea

I finished working out the Box Construction Jig and found I had some 12mm MDF wood left over on the sheet.  I have some nice parts left over from the design of the Boombox and coming system so I thought … Continue reading

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EJ Jordan Eikona Speaker Cabinet Design Finished

The Jordan Eikona speaker cabinet design is now finished and ready for me, to find the money, to send it to Exeter Laser to get the sheets cut up.  Below you can see the design (not the cutting information that … Continue reading

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Laser Cutting MDF from Exeter Laser

I recently bought a couple of (odd and little known) speaker cabinets with drivers; Olle Mirsch OM 2-17.  The cabinets look great (to me at least) but they sounded dreadful; harsh, peaky in the upper-mid, very forward.  I could only … Continue reading

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