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Documenting the building of the first complete unit for demonstration purposes.

The problems with lasers

Oh dear, I got in touch with my laser cutting company and John, the guy who dealt with me, has died.  That’s incredibly sad, he was younger than me, a really decent guy and so very helpful and encouraging. I … Continue reading

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First Order for Portable HiFi!

I now have my first order; for one of my Portable HiFi systems. Many thanks to Frank. For complicated MDF laser cutting reasons, I will also build my Headphone Amp at the same time. The build of both will be … Continue reading

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Need a Barndance Caller Exeter, Devon?

. . . here’s where to go:

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Quick Update

I’m feeling guilty for not saying anything on this blog for such a long time, so will write something quick now. I took some time off to decorate the sitting room; laying a parquet floor and a vintage looking HiFi … Continue reading

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Every band member should read this . . .

. . . and anyone who loves music also, so they get to know what really goes on in the music business. A good friend of mine has brought an article to my attention, written by Steve Albini; an American … Continue reading

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Basic Media Amp and Speakers Idea

I finished working out the Box Construction Jig and found I had some 12mm MDF wood left over on the sheet.  I have some nice parts left over from the design of the Boombox and coming system so I thought … Continue reading

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Box Construction Jig Design

My next job is to build the boombox cabinet (or box).  It will be made from 6 and 12mm MDF and I need to make sure that when glued together, all the sides are exactly perpendicular and not leaning over … Continue reading

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