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Documenting the building of the first complete unit for demonstration purposes.

Every band member should read this . . .

. . . and anyone who loves music also, so they get to know what really goes on in the music business. A good friend of mine has brought an article to my attention, written by Steve Albini; an American … Continue reading

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Basic Media Amp and Speakers Idea

I finished working out the Box Construction Jig and found I had some 12mm MDF wood left over on the sheet.  I have some nice parts left over from the design of the Boombox and coming system so I thought … Continue reading

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Box Construction Jig Design

My next job is to build the boombox cabinet (or box).  It will be made from 6 and 12mm MDF and I need to make sure that when glued together, all the sides are exactly perpendicular and not leaning over … Continue reading

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Pioneer SX-5580 Broken Pot / Switch Shaft Repair / Fix

The Pioneer SX-5580 I am renovating was not looked after very well at some point, surprising considering how prestigious a piece of equipment it is and how much it would have cost.  One of the problems was some bent volume … Continue reading

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HighResAudio / MQA Wars Continue on HiFiPlus

HighResAudio are to stop offering MQA encoded files. Here is a link to an article on HiFi Plus:

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Pioneer SX-5580 Power Amp Module

Here are some photos of the power amplifier module.  As you can see, it’s big.  But then it would be at 120 watts per channel RMS. This is before cleaning and changing of the electrolytic capacitors.  Given heat, electricity (generating … Continue reading

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Pioneer SX-5580 Receiver Refurb

Here is what I’m working on at the moment, a Pioneer SX-5580 monster receiver (amplifier with built in tuner).  As far as I’m aware, it is identical to the SX-1050 but is in black instead of all aluminium. This photo … Continue reading

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