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MDF Cabinets Cutting

Having found a potential MDF cutter in Exeter, I had to redo the drawings again! This will be the third time I’ve redrawn them. This time it is because the potential cutting company does not use DXF files and I … Continue reading

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In the meantime, my B&O 3800’s are going up for sale

I’ve started to work on my Bang & Olufsen (B&O) 3800 speakers. The crossovers have had their electrolytic capacitors replaced (and upgraded a bit): The internal cable has been replaced with decent stuff and good quality 4mm banana connectors have … Continue reading

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The problems with lasers

Oh dear, I got in touch with my laser cutting company and John, the guy who dealt with me, has died.  That’s incredibly sad, he was younger than me, a really decent guy and so very helpful and encouraging. I … Continue reading

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Naim Audio SBL Speakers are up for sale on eBay

I hate to see them go but my (reference) SBLs are now on eBay to bring income and keep this project moving forward.

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First Order for Portable HiFi!

I now have my first order; for one of my Portable HiFi systems. Many thanks to Frank. For complicated MDF laser cutting reasons, I will also build my Headphone Amp at the same time. The build of both will be … Continue reading

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Headphone Amplifier Design Nears Completion

The headphone amp design is now complete, all I have left to do is finish adding the dimensions to the drawing.  Then I can input all that information into CAD/CAM to give me ‘.dxf’ files to send to the laser … Continue reading

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Dunya Yunis – Abu Zeluf

Dunya Yunis is an amazing Lebanese mountain singer. I first came across this song by her when decades ago I bought Jean Jenkins’ ‘1. The Human Voice’ from the ‘Music in the World of Islam’ series. Later it was sampled … Continue reading

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