Shellac gig at The Fleece in Bristol, 7th October 2017

My friends and I went to see this gig last Saturday. It was amazing.

Before going in, we had a quick beer and then went to an Italian restaurant. After chatting a while about Shellac, Todd Trainer came past and said hello – he’d been sitting behind us and could not help overhearing our conversation.

The guy came across as being really decent and sincere and before he went offered to put us on the guest list. We already had tickets so didn’t need that but it was a generous thought – it is after all, how they make a living. We all really appreciated it.

He’d let us know roughly when they were going on so we had another beer and then went to the gig. I am a photographer (as in I like to take photos – no more) and although not a pushy one at all I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed so I slowly slide between gaps to get right to the front. I’d like to say a big thanks here to all those that let me do that, everyone was really kind and let me through. I hope you enjoy the photos enough to feel it was worth it.

Todd Trainer of Shellac, The Fleece, Bristol, October 2017.

The gig was just great, I took loads of images, all in black and white and the music was awesome, totally awesome. Steve Albini, Todd Trainer and Bob Weston seemed like they’d had a good time and came across as professional, open and honest, sociable and above all – kick-ass musicians. Thanks guys.

This Liquiphonics account at WordPress has become squashed together with my photography blog ‘matalimages’ and my blog for my friends poetry ‘geoffspoetry’ – Google did that, the b*’s 😉  Don’t know how it happened. So you may know how to get to my Shellac photos but in case not, here are some links:

Liquiphonics HiFi on Facebook (22 images):

Liquiphonics HiFi’s WordPress Blog (30 images):


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