Goodbye Walter Becker

I got into Steely Dan after coming across the stunning album cover for ‘Countdown to Ecstasy’.

Steely Dan's 'Countdown to Ecstasy' album cover.

Steely Dan’s’Countdown to Ecstasy’ album cover.

Their music was a variation on the Americana mix of jazz, rock, blues.  It had style, humour and a crisp, clean sound – they were really fussy when it came to sound quality.

Their music led me on to Donald Fagen’s; I love ‘The Nightfly’ and ‘Sunken Condos’ but I never even thought that the other half of the band could have his own solo albums.  I’ll need to have a listen to them.

Sadly, Walter Becker has now gone and far too soon at the age of only 67.  Thanks for the fun Walter.

Here is an interesting post about Steely Dan’s track ‘Deacon Blues’ and why it is used as an audiophile standard for comparing HiFi equipment (thanks to Graham for pointing me in this direction):


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