Basic Media Amp and Speakers Idea

I finished working out the Box Construction Jig and found I had some 12mm MDF wood left over on the sheet.  I have some nice parts left over from the design of the Boombox and coming system so I thought I’d use the spare MDF to build a simple, compact HiFi system for our kitchen.  Nothing fancy, just an On/Off switch, a selection switch for only two inputs – Bluetooth and USB and that’s all.  The design is now complete and I’m about to add it to the cutting information for the MDF sheets.

But I think this would be a good production model and many others should find it a useful little amp.

So there are now two additional amp models, here are their salient points:

  1. a 14Wrms/channel and a 60Wrms/channel amp,
  2. only Bluetooth and internal DAC (USB fed),
  3. no tone controls,
  4. front panel has only On/Off and input selection,
  5. my amplifier PCB and top quality parts,
  6. small full range loudspeakers (Peerless?) with optional stands that include subwoofers,
  7. as small a footprint as possible given the internal components.

The MDF layout is almost finished, I’ll post pictures as it’s constructed.


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