Box Construction Jig Design

My next job is to build the boombox cabinet (or box).  It will be made from 6 and 12mm MDF and I need to make sure that when glued together, all the sides are exactly perpendicular and not leaning over at all.  Over distance, a very small angle can make a big difference.

I am designing a jig to make this gluing job easier and more accurate.  It will also be of 12mm MDF.  The ‘Ls’ will be 10cm deep so won’t flex longitudinally at all.  The four ‘Ls’ will slide into each other like two combs coming together.  That can only happen in one direction so the upper two ‘Ls’ are broken and need bolting or gluing together once in place – you can see three holes in the corner, on the drawing below.

Box construction jig bracing.

Box construction jig bracing.

The above bracing will then be faced with 12mm MDF (as shown below).  This surface will allow me to push the panels that need gluing, up against the facing knowing it is absolutely perpendicular.  The jig will be laser cut by Exeter Laser so will be reliable true.

Each facing panel will be glued to the bracing at a distance of 30mm away from the other two facings.  This will allow up to 25mm MDF sheets to be glued together without becoming glued to the jig.  Any excess spilling out of the joint, can then be removed after the glue has set.

Box construction jig facing.

Box construction jig facing.


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