Chinese eBay HiFi Scam

Whilst looking for a used CD player on eBay, I found an amazing deal; a stunning and expensive CD player for a ridiculous ‘Buy It Now price’ – a deal too good to be true?  I was immediately sceptical so did the usual scroll down to look at the seller’s feedback and information.  Below that info, eBay shows ‘Similar Listings’ and that’s where I came across a notice from another member highlighting a scam being set by Chinese members.  I copied the listing in order to propagate the information.  I can no longer find the original member who highlighted the scam but many thanks to him for his input!

Chinese HiFi scam on eBay.

Chinese HiFi scam on eBay.

This is a copy & paste of what his listing said:

“Excuse the dramatic headlines but it had to catch peoples attention. This is a warning to all on Ebay UK because people are still buying these things. There are hundreds of under priced items being listed by scammers from China. I have pages of them in my watchlist some of which people have been bought and paid for overnight. An example is a Sonos Play 3 for £23.46 or a pair of Quad Electrostatic speakers for £45.26 with free postage. Most of the scammers (though it could just be one opening hudreds of fake accounts) have a name that consists of random numbers and letters. Some with a – or an underscore _ at the end of their name followed by a number. Also the title of most of their ads have ebayt or Ebayq or a random letter at the end of the item title plus none of them have a feedback score. Don’t buy off these scum thinking it’s a legit ad. I’ve reported over 400 of them but ebay have only removed some of them and they’re still coming. In the time it’s taken me to edit this and re-list this there’s 19 more crooked ads popped up so be careful what you’re buying folks. ”

An good example is shown in these two screen grabs of a listing:

Chinese HiFi scam on eBay example A.

Chinese HiFi scam on eBay example A.

Chinese HiFi scam on eBay example B.

Chinese HiFi scam on eBay example B.

Have you bought some HiFi that turned out to be a scam?
Do you have any ideas on how eBay could stop this happening?
Feel free to make any comments that would help.

Here are messages from other members in response to my listing:

Chris C**********
“Hi Matt – I saw your ‘scam alert’ listing. Thanks for taking the time to put it on. Last year I was scammed for £3,300 for a pair of B&W Nautilus speakers – from China. A mighty tempting price. The guy insisted no paypal – bank transfer only. The guy actually did have the speakers – I asked him to write my name on a piece of paper and put the paper next to the speakers and take a photo. And he did, and it looked real, and probably was. But after transferring the money he said he had big customs fees to pay to export them – believe it or not – and I grew wary. Eventually gave up. His account was closed by ebay as it turned out it was hijacked. So … if you can add this story to your scam alert thing it would be useful to others. If it’s too good to be true, it very probably is.”

i reported this to ebay a month ago on the phono
to no avail

they are list item far to cheap with free post ie speaker 1000 a pair for £33,76

an buyer are paying for them and will never receive items

so easy to see ebaya / ebayb / ebayk and so on

if they pay buy credit card because its under 100 pounds it lost to them

good thinking scam card but ebay do not care”

“Hi matt,

Your add is appreciated. I have seen loads and loads of adverts from China, top end stuff marked really low. I mean a B&o system for £24 with free shipping. You have to think really!?

Like you said a lot of ppl are buying these and thinking what a bargain. More of an impulse automatic buy.

I don’t think you will ever beat them, as they will continue doing the same scam. Maybe Ebay needs to do something, verifying an account / a person before they let anyone just open a account.

Ebay is good in terms of money back guarantee but they really need to do something to stop the problem.

Best of luck, and if it’s too good, then it probably is.”

“I’ve reported lots of these.

Let’s hope eBay don’t take this listing down

Good work”


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