Descriptive Name for Boombox / Ghetto Blaster

I need to think of a name for this first unit I’m making.  Ghetto Blaster has racist connotations so I don’t want to go that route even though everyone knows what it is.

I’ve trawled the internet to try and find what other people are calling this but there seems no real consensus.  Here’s what I have found so far:

Portable Sound Reproduction Unit
Ghetto Blaster
Boom Box
Portable Stereo System
Portable Stereo
Portable Sound System
Bergsprängare (Rock Blaster in German)
Radio-Registratore(Radio-Recorder in Italian)
Radiorekorder / Radiokassettenrekorder / Radio-Kassetten-Rekorder
Radio-Cassette (France)
Kasetofono (Cassette-Voicer in Greek)
Rajikase (pronounced Rah-jee-ka-say:  Radio-Cassette in Japanese)
Audiocase (a Danish portable wireless speaker)
Bluetooth Speaker
Stereo Suitcase
Stereo Sound System

It is important for me to get the name right, before it goes on sale, as I cannot afford to advertise in the usual media – it will have to be by internet searchers finding me and word-of-mouth.  I need a name that can be found from a search term and one that conjures up exactly what this does – it does what it says on the tin, so to speak.  Once given out, it would not be easy to change it.

I rather like my own creation ‘Stereoid’ (Stereo on steroids) but the fact that I made the word up probably means it’s rubbish plus it has drug connotations and nobody knows it.
I do like the more factual ‘Portable Sound Reproduction Unit’ and also ‘Portable Sound System’ or ‘Portable Stereo’.  But are they too dry?  Also, the word ‘Bluetooth’ is a major search term so that should probably be in the name but would give: ‘Bluetooth Portable Sound Reproduction Unit’, ‘Portable Bluetooth Sound System’ and ‘Portable Bluetooth Stereo’ –  all a little long.

I also made up ‘Stereo Suitcase’ after inspiration from the Danish ‘Audiocase’.  But do I want to implant into everyone’s mind the fact it looks like a suitcase?!  Hmm, it does though.

Any input / help / ideas would be much appreciated.


PS I am currently laying out the cutting diagram for laser cutting the woodwork.  This portable stereo should be built sometime in the spring of 2017 should all go well.  And then for sale soon after that.


Ghetto Blaster? Boombox? Bluetooth Portable Stereo Sound Reproduction System? Suitcase?



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