Portable Music Player / Ghetto Blaster

Work on the Ghetto Blaster (is that the right thing to call it?  doesn’t sound very PC – any ideas on what to call it are welcome) is coming along very well indeed.  I’m not one for making deadlines as they never work out and put meaningless pressure on me to perform. But it’s not far off at all; I’m ordering all the exterior components, the last few necessary, and drafting the woodwork for laser cutting.

For those of you that didn’t read my last post, this player has output connections to switch in external speakers and switch out the built in ones.  That way, it can be used as the main integrated amplifier for the home.  But can also be picked up and taken to other rooms or on holiday, the beach etc.  It will also have a 6.5mm jack input so you can use it as a guitar amp (or whatever instrument you use, so long as it outputs an electronic signal).  Plus it will be possible to connect to it via Bluetooth.

Here’s a picture of the drawing in progress:

Drafting the portable music player cabinet.

Drafting the portable music player cabinet.


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