PCB Tested and Working

The testing of the circuit board is almost over, I have set biases and everything looks good.

Only the gain levels are left to be set.  But I need to do that when the power supplies that are actually being used are powering the amplifier as that will affect levels.  Using the +/- 20V that the bench power supplies give is not the way to go as the PSU I will use will provide +/- 36V so the levels will be different.

I would also prefer the final heatsinks to be used before going any further as the temperature of the power devices affects things such as bias and in some way voltage levels too.

But this all means I need the money to buy some expensive components.  Only a few hundred pound but it still means I need to put the project on hold until I can raise that amount.

The first production unit is not far from being built.  I’ll let you all know when that happens.


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