EJ Jordan Eikona Speaker Cabinet Design Finished

The Jordan Eikona speaker cabinet design is now finished and ready for me, to find the money, to send it to Exeter Laser to get the sheets cut up.  Below you can see the design (not the cutting information that will be sent to Exeter Laser).  The box outer will be from 25mm MDF and the bracing from 18mm plywood.  There is a lot of bracing; I believe in very stiff boxes, especially the front baffle must be absolutely rigid.

EJ Jordan Eikona cabinet design.

EJ Jordan Eikona cabinet design.

I chose a slot reflex port as I am able to fabricate its dimensions exactly and do so easily (which means cheaper manufacture).

I leant many years ago that the convention is to put the driver off centre in order to reduce standing waves.  But that means the reflections and so dispersion from the driver is uneven and that was not something I felt should happen.  Besides which I have a way to reduce reflections and break up and internal standing waves.

I have inserted the last version of this driver into the Olle Mirsch cabinets I spoke about in a previous post.  They sound absolutely great and at least as good as my Naim SBLs.  At some point I will do a good and proper comparison between the two.


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