Broken / Stuck iPod Touch Home Button Fix / Workaround

This post has nothing to do with the top-end, low-budget HiFi I am designing for sale. It is to do with my iPod Touch’s Home button which stopped working.

The problem didn’t seem to be anything to do with being stuck. Mine doesn’t get that dirty anyway and having taken the advice from another’s post somewhere about using some kind of cleaning fluid to unstick the button, the problem remained.

I took it to a local guy who fixes Apple equipment / gadgets and he said he wouldn’t touch it as it was a version (not that old but I don’t know which kind) that was nothing but trouble to open and the screen always broke when doing so.

So I looked through the settings to try and find some way of changing apps without using the Home button – turning Notifications on for as many apps as possible, seeing if I could use Gestures etc – when I came across Settings / General / Accessibility / AssistiveTouch. With this turned to on you get a virtual Home button on the screen which acts exactly like the physical home button!

You can slid it around any edge of the screen to move it out of the way and it dims when it hasn’t been used for a few seconds.

Not only that but you can set it up using Custom Top Level Menu to give up to 8 other buttons. Here are a couple of (rather poor) pics of the button and its screen / display.  You can see I have set it up to include:  Screenshot, Device (has more stuff you can do), Volume Up, Volume Down, Multitasking, Siri, Double-Tap and of course, Home.

My iPod Touch has now returned from being a frustratingly expensive piece of gadget junk to a fully functioning iPod Touch again.  Woohoo.

Apple iPod Touch Virtual Home Button.

Apple iPod Touch Virtual Home Button.

Apple iPod Touch Virtual Home Button Screen Display.

Apple iPod Touch Virtual Home Button Screen Display.


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