White Lines to Green Lines

Slowly but surely I am converting all the white lines into green lines. White lines show where things need to be connected to each other, green lines show where they will be physically routed to make that connection. Much more troublesome than you’d think – especially since I haven’t done this kind of thing (down with this kind of thing… mind how you go…) since plastic film and red tape was used. In other words, before computers.

I have always found the best way is to try to physically duplicate the circuit diagram (I know, I know, everyone else is now calling it “schematic” as that’s the American way but I just can’t bring myself to make the change). Having spent a lot of time creating a circuit diagram that is clear, simple and with as few crossed lines (for clarity) as possible it makes sense to me to imitate that, since any crossed lines in the physical world = a short circuit.

I will concentrate on the left channel first and then use that as a guide to layout the right channel – they will never be exactly the same as all the components are going on one side and many are not symmetrical so perfect symmetry is not possible. The only way to do that is have the components and tracks swap sides for left and right channels and that creates its own problems.

Hers’s an image of KiCad’s PCBNew section showing the tracks:

Converting virtual connections to physical ones.


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