PCB Layout and Design using KiCad

The layout of the PCB is progressing well. I spent a few days getting the hardware (as in the old physical sense, not the new computer speak) right which gave me the size of the PCB. I now have a bit more space to work with. This picture shows the layout progressing:

PCB Layout using KiCad.

What you can see are the shapes representing components such as 12 way switches, capacitors, resistors, 20 way connector at the bottom etc. The middle top, round thing is the 2 x 6 way input switch surrounded by yellow rings for the 2 x 5 lots of phono inputs. They are really close to the input switch in order to keep signal lengths down. Below that is the Gain switch, 3 positions (levels of gain). To the left and right are the 12 way switched attenuators for L/R channels (below them you can see the resistor arrays). At the very bottom, middle is the connector for the umbilical cord to the remote power supply unit. The extreme L and R switches are for output switching.

My job now is to move all these components so that they are as close as possible but still leaving enough room to allow the copper tracks to connect them all together properly. The connections needed are represented by the white lines. The lines connect ‘as the crow flies’ which means they go straight through other components so I have to replace the white lines with track connections that go around components. Not so easy when you know that tracks cannot cross each other as that would short them out. I’m going out, I may be some time …


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