Quad 404 – 2 Service and Upgrade Results

My good friend has now listened to his serviced and upgraded Quad 404 Mk 2 and emailed me his assessment:

“Btw…finally to answer your question…yes, Quad well worth the 200 smackers to renovate!
Listening now…(Erykah Badu)…
muddiness gone,
“earth loop” type buzz gone, drummers rimshots – sure I can hear the “woodiness” of the drumstick,
mid range clear,
bass tighter but still warm,
top end is great – great clarity in cymbal sounds.
Nice one Guru, am telling anyone who’ll listen about it to big up Liquiphonics.”

And now, being a total muso; I have to go and listen to ‘Enykah Badu’ on Spotify to see what that’s like …


About Matal

Hand made HiFi, photos, a friends poetry.
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