Upgrades and Bluetooth

The upgrade to my friend’s Quad 405 went very well, it sounded a lot better to my ears. Deeper and more weighty base, much clearer and less muddy midrange and the sound stage spread from about one meter wide to beyond the speakers; on Ane Brun’s track ‘Words’ (from the stunning album ‘It All Starts With One’) you can hear the width of the piano.

But now I am really excited to start work again on my amp system. Though I couldn’t exactly work on it last year (due to a family illness) I was still thinking about it so made some progress.

The range will now consist of:

1. A high power, battery powered amp with separate speakers as the main HiFi system for the house,
2. a cheaper, mains only powered, small system for use say in the bedroom or to be used with a computer,
3. a lower power, battery powered amp with high efficiency speakers included, to be used as a portable ghetto blaster. Useful when camping or for busking / playing live (all types of amp will have a 6.5mm Jack socket on its front to cater for this) or just carrying round the house. But, the output switch on the front will allow the signal to be diverted from the internal speakers and output to the rear so better quality external speakers can be used – a portable amp that can still be used as the main, high end, system for the house!

I am now looking at which Bluetooth DAC to use and the ARCAM MiniBlink looks perfect.


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