Kicad Footprints: One step at a time …

See what I did there?  Clever huh.  A bit cheesy so I’m cringing.

Making good progress at the moment. I have now finished the schematic and am now creating the Kicad Footprints for the amplifier’s printed circuit board. The first one from the list is for a single wire connection – mostly the wires that connect the batteries to the board. So what thickness of wire to use? That gives me the size of the drill hole for the ‘footprint’. That comes down to what can be afforded; since I want to use silver plated OCC copper wire the cost is high and I need to keep the construction costs for someone on a budget. The thicker the wire, the more expensive material is used and the more expensive it is to buy. So another compromise has to be decided upon.

But in order to work out the costs for the wire, I need to know how much length needs to be purchased and so started a basic drawing of the layout so I could measure that length. That means working out what heatsinks to use (with the same criteria as with the wire – what size can we afford and what size will fit best). So in order to know the cost of the wire, I have had to look at which heatsinks to use and that involves working out the cabinet dimensions which also involves how the cabinet is constructed and so I need to make a final decision about how the cabinet will look – I may go back to my original idea regarding the look / styling.

No wonder this design has taken me so long – everything I do and think about affects everything else in the design which also has to be thought through. But I’m not complaining, actually, I love it!


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