Amp Cabinet Front Layout

I am working on laying out where things go on the front of the amplifier cabinet. What font to use for the legends, where they go, what wording is used. The position of many of the control knobs is set by where the control is on the PCB. The following are free to go where I think they should; mains power indicator lamp, PSU switch (METER / CHARGE), the voltmeter, the one front input and the two front outputs and the MUTE switch. I need to make the font legible but also to look balanced within all the other components of the front panel. Soon I will take photos of the actual black anodised, solid aluminium knob I am going to use and super-impose that on the black circles that show the knob positions.

The off-white at the very top and bottom shows the 3mm MDF painted gloss Old English White. The grey bands in from the top and bottom edges show the 15mm x 6mm solid aluminium bars. The dark centre area shows the 10mm inset control area.

This is pretty much exactly how the front of the amp will look. It may be that the knob position moves slightly once I have laid out the PCB for the amplifier and I may move other components of the front panel just to give a balanced look. But apart from that, it’s there.

Let me know what you think …

Amplifier Cabinet Front Panel Layout.


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