To PCB or not to PCB – that is the question (now answered)

Again the board has ‘blown up’. All worked well a couple of days ago but I was working on one channel yesterday and noticed smoke coming from the other! I can’t see what has gone wrong but obviously something has shorted out and taken a few components in the process. So I may not like PCBs and prefer hand-wiring for sonic purity reasons but I also have to balance out the fact that the finished amp system needs to be affordable and if it takes me 2 days to build the amp board and another 2 days to fault find it that raises the cost by too much. So I have decided to go down the PCB route and at the moment am looking for them to be built in China. If all goes well with the company chosen I will let you know who they are and how to contact them. I am going to go with a company that gives instant quotes via their web page so you can see the price, adjust the spec and see what difference it makes to the price. Obviously quality is important so I will order some and see how they are before recommending the company.

The next job will be to find some open-source software for me to layout the boards in a way that will give me the correct files to send to this Chinese company. I’ll let you know how that goes also.

I am actually quite excited about using a PCB – it has been so hard not using one that the idea of things getting easier and quicker is now very appealing! Oh how the might (ideas) have fallen.


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