iPad Sound Enhancers almost there…

Most things are set up now and ready to go. So much so I am going to go live with the new site and new product. However, I cannot get to see the remote site using Kompozer. If I do it using 1&1’s WebSpace Explorer it will take forever as it only lets me delete one file at a time and there is a forum loaded I want to remove which has hundreds, maybe thousands of files!

All I can get Kompozer to do at the moment is show me the local files. If I can get it to show me the remote ones I reckon I will be able to delete them from there wholesale. Just in case you didn’t know, Kompozer is a freeware (you don’t pay anything for it) application that lets you edit and publish web pages. It is very good though it does have some problems but I won’t complain seeing as it is free.

I’ll see if I can find some help on the web, if you know how to get Komposer to let me see my remote files please do talk to me. I am using Mac OS X.

I shall now plod on…


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