The iPad gadgets and accessories for dad and musicians are coming along…

The iPad gadgets (or accessories as I’m not totally sure what to call them yet) are getting close to the start of production. I have finally found a suitable plastic; one that is the right thickness, not too expensive, easy to work with, is in the right colours, looks good, is the right flexibility etc.

I am now in the process of setting up a business bank account, applying for VAT registration, opening PayPal and eBay accounts and linking the whole lot together. Plus I’m ordering flyers and labels from VistaPrint.

Then I need to order equipment that will cut the plastic in a suitable fashion, find and order packaging and then update the web site with all the new information and PayPal buttons and with the improved design.

So not much to do then…


About Matal

Hand made HiFi, photos, a friends poetry.
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