iPad, iMac, Desktop, Laptop Sound Enhancer Gadget

Not much happening to the amp at the moment but for a good reason. I’ve had a great idea for increasing the volume and clarity of sound from iPads, iMacs, many desktop computers and laptop computers. The prototype works so well we cannot do without it. If we put the iPad on to watch some TV over the internet or a movie, we soon notice if we have forgotten to attach our sound enhancing, speech boosting gadget. As soon as it is attached the volume is boosted, with the speech frequencies especially enhanced, so that it becomes much easier to hear what is being said.

It’s extremely simple and is born from my experience of playing around with sound over many years. I believe anyone who watches TV on an iPad or laptop etc will want one of these. I must be doing something right because my partner agrees with me and is pushing me along, so it cannot just be me and my usual over enthusiasm for the project I’m working on.

The prototype is finalised and working, parts have been ordered and are on their way. As soon as I have a production model to take photos of I will announce it here and put the product on eBay. I’ll probably call it something like the Liquiphonics’ Computer Sound Booster. Maybe that’s too long.

Watch this space!


About Matal

Hand made HiFi, photos, a friends poetry.
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