Amp Unit Topography

I’ve probably said this before; everything I do on this project affects everything else. Something needs working out which can only be done if something else is worked out which can only be done when something else… And so it goes. I make decisions each of which has a ripple on effect working its way through the design and eventually determining the design of something else far down the line. That then gets tested which has its own ripple on effect eventually leading me back to where I started from.

The following drawing shows the internal topography of the amplifier unit. The position of the controls on the front panel and the connection on the rear panel have come from this diagram. As you can see there is a bit of space unused but generally speaking I don’t think I could make this thing any smaller without bringing the mains power area too close to the signal area.

Amp Cabinet Topograhy.

Amp Cabinet Topograhy.

The Amp Board can be seen top right just below signal connections and between the heat sinks of the output devices. The Relay Board is the unit just below but a lot wider and contains the three heatsinks for the regulators. The mains input connection is the block topmost left. Don’t look too closely at the mains connections as they have not been reconnected since moving things around – the next job after this post.

I’m very happy with the result of all the work over the past couple of weeks or so (I have a feeling it may be a lot longer). The layout to me looks workable.


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