Amp Cabinet Control View

The new amp board design is coming along nicely and it won’t be much longer now before its design is finished. I’m very pleased with the way it is going and in completing its design I have had to look at the layout of controls and connections. Let me quickly say here that the positioning of amp controls (volume, input selector…) and connections (inputs, speakers…) are dominated by what will sound best. I have tried to keep low level signals (inputs) away from high level signals (power amps, battery leads). I have also kept the design as symmetrical as possible to ensure each channel is as matched as possible. Maybe I’m just letting you know that the ever so slight move to the right of the input selector compared to the volume control below it, is intentional as it keeps signal leads more equal and thus as short as possible as well as being symmetrical.

Amplifier Cabinet Front View.

Amplifier Cabinet Front View.

To ensure that I’ve put connections and controls in the best position I have drafted a layout of the front panel. To give it a 3D quality I have added a gradient but it is not true as the vertical sides are also curved but the gradient can’t cope with that (at least I can’t be bothered to spend the time doing it at this stage).

The brown circles represent custom made, wooden control knobs. The one far left is the power switch, the one lower middle is the volume control and upper middle is the input switch. The small circle just to the right of the volume is a 3.5mm mini-jack input for easy connection to say an iPod (for best sound quality a Dock with DAC should be used to connect an iPod to the phono inputs at the rear of the amp). Farthest right shows a 1/4″ jack output for headphones with the switch above switching from speakers (up) to headphones (down). The headphone switch selected needs pulling out before it can be moved it being locked in position otherwise. It controls silver contact relays. All switch contacts (including the power switch) have silver contacts.


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