I’m Back!… well almost.

You may have noticed my absence for a while now; school has been out so I’ve either been working for a living or my wife has been and I’ve been looking after out little girl.

I had intended to think through some of the construction problems, in order to keep the ball rolling, but that just didn’t happen. I think the reason is that having been working on this project for around 3 years virtually non-stop, either practically or at least in my head – I simply needed a rest. So I’ve had a six week break and that will have to trickle on a little more because there is now a backlog of stuff that has built up and needs to be sorted. Life stuff that is.

I have decided/realised I need to organise my time better, there are so many things pulling me in all sorts of directions. Working on Liquiphonics will now take place on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will (try to at least) do all other jobs on other days. This will help productivity as it takes me about a day to get my head into the amps; having a day doing other stuff in between days on the HiFi doesn’t work at all well.

So, from Monday next week, you should see more progress.


About Matal

Hand made HiFi, photos, a friends poetry.
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