Circuit testing

The build has finished for the moment and I am about to start testing the circuitry to make sure I haven’t made any wiring errors.

Ready for testing.

Ready for testing.

I know it looks a total mess but that is because the wires are a lot longer than need be and that is so I can move objects around to find the best position.  Once I am happy that everything is as it should be the whole will be rebuilt inside its enclosure.

A lot of this work is to determine what the internal dimensions of the enclosure should be. And also to make sure the earthing is correct; earthing is complicated by the fact there are two power supply systems working together.

At the moment I have one set of output transistors connected but the signal is not getting through the pre-amp.  It’s time to turn the oscilloscope on and have a look at what is happening. Once the left channel has been checked I will re-solder the output trannys to the right channel – I’m not using the matched set for testing just in case I blow them up.  That said, MOSFETs are a lot more robust than they used to be but the expense precludes me from taking any chances.


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