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Slow Train Coming

Schools out so I’m either working for a living or my wife is and I’m looking after our little girl. This leaves only Mondays and Wednesdays to work on this project and since it takes me a whole day to … Continue reading

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Updating Drawings

I am in the process of bringing my drawings up-to-date so they match what is happening in the real world – I’m still at a stage where changes need to be made as I find better ways to do things. … Continue reading

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Circuit testing

The build has finished for the moment and I am about to start testing the circuitry to make sure I haven’t made any wiring errors. I know it looks a total mess but that is because the wires are a … Continue reading

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New PreAmp boards V2 Constructed

These are the new PreAmp boards using Vero to keep everything in place. The components are soldered very close to each other, much closer than you can get using a pcb. This gives greater control over the signal, less parasitics, … Continue reading

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A day of rest

Progress is going well but I helped the local school children with their swimming and picked up every virus they have. So I’m taking the day off to sit in the garden and rest. I’ll get started again tomorrow.

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To rebuild the PreAmp or not to rebuild the PreAmp, that is the question.

In working out the earthing, I can see ways to improve the PreAmp topology to incorporate the earthing. My eye keeps wandering to the spare piece of Vero board on the PowerAmp that would be just the right size for … Continue reading

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Earthing, Ground, Reference, 0V, Return

One area that must be got right is the system earthing. ┬áSpecifically how each object is earthed with relation to each other object – by ‘object’ I mean PSU, Regulator Board, Relay Board, Left PreAmp etc. Apart from having separate … Continue reading

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