Connections to the Power Amps

Connections to power amps are now being made using silver plated wire.

Power Amp Connections.

Power Amp Connections.

Normally, using a copper tracked printed circuit board, each component is soldered to its own individual, reinforced point on the pcb and this keeps it physically secure.  Any connections to a component are also soldered to their own point and the two (or more) are joined together using the track of the pcb.

As you should know by now, I am not using pcbs due to their poor audio performance.  I do not want anything in the signal paths other than what is absolutely necessary.  So no pcbs and no gold-plated, brass or copper connection terminals.  Simply the wire, silver soldered direct to the component and as close to it as possible (to use as little of the component’s leads as possible; the component leads themselves are not of great quality).

The problem with this is the wire pulling thin component leads around as I work on them and even in situ components may have their leads held under tension and stress.  To alleviate the problem, I have used hot-melt glue to hold the wires firmly in place.  And also as an insulator at the solder junction itself since any movement of the wires may cause joints to touch and short out.

In the photo background you can see the circuit layout schematic I am using to build and connect the power amps.


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