The Full Monty – almost

There are now just a few connections to be made between the amps, the batteries and the relays.  I know it looks a mess but what you can see in the accompanying photo is purely for acoustic evaluation purposes.  Once I am sure everything is behaving as it should this unit will be dismantled and reconstituted inside its correct MDF casing. The black blocks at the bottom of the photo are the batteries, the PSU toroids are top left, the PSU heat-sinks are top middle and the PSU control boards top right with the amp heat-sinks behind them.  The input switch and volume control are mounted (glued) to a piece of wood top right above the output transistor heat-sinks.

Everything minus some connections and casing.

Everything minus some connections and casing.

As it is I will find out; what is the best position and orientation for the power supply transformers, whether there are any interference problems, whether there are feedback problems, how the different units need to be positioned and fixed down, whether there are any heat problems etc…

There are already a few things I know I will be changing for the production models; the relays and power control circuits will all be mounted on a single, copper free Vero board for one.


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