Pillar drills and web sites

You may have noticed the progress bar on the home page has not moved much for the past fews days.  This is because I have been concentrating on getting the web site better sorted.  There were some pages missing and duplication of the ‘Products’ and ‘Shop’ pages.  I’ve deleted the shop pages and will use the Products section as the shop.  That way there will be a ‘buy’ button alongside the product description.

Axminster HD25f Pillar Drill.

Axminster HD25f Pillar Drill.

The other reason for lack of progress on bringing it all together was the delivery of a pillar drill from Axminster.  I need to drill some holes in heat-sinks and wanted to use the new drill press. But it was so heavy I couldn’t lift the head-stock up on my own in order to put it on the pillar.  A big thanks to Eric and Geoff for their help – I couldn’t have done it without you guys, at least not without giving myself a hernia and taking a big risk with smashing the whole thing to pieces.  This thing was very heavy but that was part of the reason I ordered this model; there will be much less chance of chatter when I start to drill the 25 mm MDF so a better finish will be easier to obtain.  It also has a big table to put the MDF on giving lots of support.

It came in 3 boxes only one of which I could pick up and carry, the other two needed dragging, turning and walking to get them into the shed!  When the delivery guy had one box on his trolly it nearly fell off and between the two of us we only just managed to stop it and get it back on.

Now the whole thing is assembled and working and I’m very happy.  This will be a very useful tool.


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