Battery Pack

The battery pack is now complete.  The power amps use plus and minus 24V and the pre amp use plus and minus 12V.  If I ever decide to increase the power output of the power amps increasing the batteries to give plus and minus 36V should provide ample though the weight would go up and the whole is already pretty heavy.

Battery power unit.

Battery power unit.

The brown wire you can see connecting the batteries together is simply for ease.  All the electronics will be connected up and tested including listening tests.  Once I’m happy all the bits and bobs will be pulled apart and put together again inside the casework so I can swap those brown wires for the silver plated at that point.

The thin red and black wires seen are for the relay solenoid, no signals will be on them so silver wire it unnecessary.  The batteries should give at least 2 hours playing time though it depends on many things (type of music, how much bass in the music, how loud it’s played …).

The batteries running left to right at the back from the viewer are the left channel and the ones at the front are the right channel.  The toroids for the PSU will be mounted above them and to the left, the amp circuitry above them and to the right.  This will keep the amp circuit as far from the transformer circuitry as I can get.


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