Power Amp Construction Starts

The photo here shows the power amp under construction.  As you can see it is ‘air wired’.

Why do I not use printed circuit boards (pcbs)?  It isn’t cost.  Although PCBs would initially be expensive for me to manufacture, the time it takes me to air-wire a circuit is far greater and multiples of how long a pcb would take me to populate.

Power Amp Construction showing air-wiring.

Power Amp Construction showing air-wiring.

The reasons are these: PCBs use low quality copper for tracks and the tracks may also run close together so contain inductance and capacitance.  Obviously they contain resistance too but so does the wire I use.  That said my air-wiring allows for closer proximity of components so resistance may also be reduced somewhat.

Also, the greater control I have over component placement means I can keep interference between components down.

Lastly, using these techniques I can keep the +Vcc, -Vcc and ground leads of equal length and this is important to me as it keeps signals in phase.  I intend to write more on the subject of phase on the Technology page of the web site.  But that will have to wait until I have finished the first build.


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