Using SMD for the op amps

I very much believe in the concept of having the shortest signal paths possible, so decided to use surface mount device packages (SOIC).  As daunting as it seemed I was sure with a little patience I should be able to manage their minuscule size.  And in a way I was correct, I did manage to build most of the amps as the accompanying photo shows.

Pre amp using surface mount devices (SOIC) for the op amps.

Pre amp using surface mount devices (SOIC) for the op amps.

The pot is an Alps Blue and there is only one op amp and two resistors missing from the pre amp so you can see there will be as few components as I can possible get away with and likewise the length of signal paths.

Unfortunately when I soldered (I’ll put a post up at some point on how to solder and include a video) an extension wire onto one of the legs of an op amp, the leg broke under the weight!  Not a good sign.  So I cut the amp out and started to replace it and another leg broke.  Time to rethink.

I now have some op amps of the next size package up, DIPs and these will definitely be strong enough as I know from experience.  So today I start the process of building the pre amps again from scratch.  I’m glad I found out at this stage that SMDs where not the way to go, so not a waste of time at all.


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2 Responses to Using SMD for the op amps

  1. lynne roberts says:

    wow matt i dont understand any of it but it looks wonderful I really like the logo/lettering and general design/layout very best wishes with it all Lynne


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