MDF Cabinets Cutting

Having found a potential MDF cutter in Exeter, I had to redo the drawings again! This will be the third time I’ve redrawn them. This time it is because the potential cutting company does not use DXF files and I need to provide the drawings in PDF form with all dimensions shown.

The two sheet drawings are now done and today I will check them over before sending for a quote. The two sheets will provide the MDF for both the Box Construction Jig and the Headphone Amp cabinet.

Once I have the Box Construction Jig, I can start building my first order for the Portable HiFi. And of course put my Head Amp into a box which should help me to stop tripping over the cables on my way to bed.

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In the meantime, my B&O 3800’s are going up for sale

I’ve started to work on my Bang & Olufsen (B&O) 3800 speakers.

B&O 3800 cabinets.

The crossovers have had their electrolytic capacitors replaced (and upgraded a bit):

B&O 3800 Crossover Network.

The internal cable has been replaced with decent stuff and good quality 4mm banana connectors have been added to the back to replace that horrible bell wire they used coming straight out:

B&O 3800 banana connectors.

The next job will be to put them all back together and clean up the outsides; clean the grill cloths, oil the woodwork, maybe some more blackening.

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The problems with lasers

Oh dear, I got in touch with my laser cutting company and John, the guy who dealt with me, has died.  That’s incredibly sad, he was younger than me, a really decent guy and so very helpful and encouraging.

I did talk (by email) with another guy who works there and it seemed that it wouldn’t be a problem but now I’m getting no answers via email.  I have just sent another, asking for attention and if that doesn’t work I’ll give them a call tomorrow.

They have also moved premises, John was the one dealing with that so it may be they are snowed under with stuff to work through.  Fingers crossed, all will go right for them.

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Naim Audio SBL Speakers are up for sale on eBay

I hate to see them go but my (reference) SBLs are now on eBay to bring income and keep this project moving forward.

Naim SBL speakers for sale.

Naim SBL speakers for sale.

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First Order for Portable HiFi!

I now have my first order; for one of my Portable HiFi systems. Many thanks to Frank.

For complicated MDF laser cutting reasons, I will also build my Headphone Amp at the same time.

The build of both will be blogged here.

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Headphone Amplifier Design Nears Completion

The headphone amp design is now complete, all I have left to do is finish adding the dimensions to the drawing.  Then I can input all that information into CAD/CAM to give me ‘.dxf’ files to send to the laser cutter in Exeter.  The cabinet will be of 6mm MDF.

Headphone Amp Inside.

Headphone Amp Inside.

Rather than put the Bluetooth receiver inside the amp, I have provided for USB power output and 3.5mm jack signal input on the top.  This means as Bluetooth develops or is even replaced altogether, there’s still a good chance the new technology can be connected to this amplifier.  It also means many other signal sources can be connected without the need for input switching = more expense to the buyer, more complication and another switch contact for the signal to get through.  So a CD player or computer could be used as the signal source.  Plus the BT receiver can be pulled out and used somewhere else, say in the car – after all; this is all about high end HiFi on a budget.

Headphone Amp Outside.

Headphone Amp Outside.

I now have designs for a low power amp (10W RMS/channel) a mid-power amp, a high power amp, a portable stereo player, a full-range speaker with auxiliary sub-woofer and auxiliary tweeter and a Headphone Amp.  All needs converting to CAD/CAM to get ready for laser cutting so again, I will be gone for a while as I learn how to control the CAD/CAM software and construct all these files.

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Dunya Yunis – Abu Zeluf

Vinyl Album Cover.  Jean Jenkins:  Music in the World of Islam - 1.  The Human Voice

Vinyl album cover:  Jean Jenkins, Music in the World of Islam – 1. The Human Voice

Dunya Yunis is an amazing Lebanese mountain singer. I first came across this song by her when decades ago I bought Jean Jenkins’ ‘1. The Human Voice’ from the ‘Music in the World of Islam’ series.

Later it was sampled by Brian Eno and David Burn’s ‘Regiment’ track on ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’. I very much enjoyed Eno and Burns album but the original vocal will entertain for centuries.

You can find Dunya Yunis singing Abu Zeluf on Youtube here:

And on Spotify for Jean Jenkins:

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